By | 29 January 2023

As the year rapidly winds toward December, gardeners on the West Coast are compiling their to-do lists for the month. One of the most important benefits of western gardening is that there is always something to fix for your outdoor plants.

The West Coast has its own gardening calendar because to the winter rains and generally favourable weather. To assist you with getting ready for the upcoming year, here is a regional list for the final month of the current year.

December in the West

The Pacific Ocean plays a major role in weather on the west coast from Washington to the southern tip of California. December brings rain but not snow in most areas, and the weather is usually good enough for continuous planting. Of course it depends on your exact address, as those who live in the Rocky Mountains are bound to be exposed to snow and ice.

But you’ll find many more plants on your December gardening to-do lists for coastal areas. What’s on the farming list for December in the West? Well, to start the spring bulbs. Through December, you can still plant bulbs for spring blooms in many places, including coastal California. And in the Las Vegas area, gardeners can also plant bulbs, such as tulips, daffodils, crocuses, and hyacinths.

Regional to Do List: Planting

But when it comes to December planting in the West, spring bulbs are just the beginning. This is the perfect time to plant perennials, including garden favorite camellias. You can also plant bare root roses right now. Additionally, you can plant the seeds right away if you desire wildflowers in your garden. 

Most shrubs and trees are good for planting in the West, planting them in the zoning list. Due to the winter rains, these plants will have a chance to establish their roots well before they turn green in the spring.

Garden Calendar for December

Although Western gardening involves an extended growing period, there are more regular tasks as the year ends. If you haven’t cleaned up the garden, now is the time to do so, remove residues and remove dead or dying annuals.

New beds can be prepared for spring planting in December as well. After you’ve removed the weeds and broken up the soil, mix in enough compost or manure and let the air and water do their magic. Come spring, you’ll be ready to go.

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