By | 29 January 2023

Gardeners in Ohio Valley this month focus primarily on the upcoming holidays and preventing winter damage to plants. Once the snow starts to fly, planning and preparing for upcoming garden projects can be added to the regional to-do list.

You’re not the only one making this month’s list, Santa either! Be very nice and you can find these gardening tools on your wish list.

December Tasks for the Central States


There are some lawn care jobs in the central states this month.

At the top of the list is protecting the lawn from damage. Weather permitting, mow the lawn one last time to prevent snow rot.

If possible, avoid walking on sleet-covered or frozen lawns. This causes the blades to break and damage the lawn plants.

Avoid heavy decorations in holiday lawn, as they block oxygen and sunlight from getting to the lawn. Instead, opt for lightweight inflatables that have become extremely popular in recent years.

Flowerbeds, trees, and shrubs

December Gardens can offer a variety of craft supplies for wreaths, centerpieces, and other seasonal decorations. Make sure to remove greenery evenly to prevent the foliage from looking lopsided.

Here are some other Ohio Valley gardening issues that may need addressing this month:

Prevent pest and rodent problems by pulling mulch off the trunks of trees and shrubs.

Gently remove heavy snow loads from shrubs and trees to prevent damage, but allow the snow to melt on its own. Snow covered branches are more likely to break.

Continue to water newly planted trees and shrubs when the ground is no longer frozen and mulch perennial flower beds as needed.


By December, the gardens should be cleared of old plant debris. Be sure to remove the tomato stems and vines and store them for the winter.

Here are some other things to do:

Although the outdoor planting season for Ohio Valley gardeners is over all year, growing indoor lettuce or baby greens can provide fresh produce come winter.

Check stores for winter produce and discard anything that shows signs of rot. Wilted or wilted vegetables indicate that storage moisture levels are too low.

Inventory seed packets. Get rid of very old seeds and make a list of the ones you want to order.

Plan a vegetable garden next year. Try vegetables you’ve never tasted before and, if you like, add them to your garden schemes.


With so few overseas tasks on the regional to-do list this month, it’s time to get those unfinished tasks out before the end of the year. Safely dispose of houseplants, oily hand tools, and old chemicals.

Here are some other items to deselect from the list:

Decorate the house with poinsettia that you have forced or bought new.

For the best selection, choose a live or fresh Christmas tree early in the month.

If you haven’t already, buy or give gifts to gardening friends. Gardening gloves, aprons, or decorative plants are always welcome.

Send electrical equipment in for repair or tune-up. Your local store will appreciate the action this month.

Make sure de-icing equipment is easily accessible and fuel is on hand.

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