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November Gardening Chores

The Southwest Garden is still vibrant and full of gardening activities for the month of November. At higher elevations, frost has probably already struck, while at lower elevations frost is imminent, which means it’s time to harvest the last crops and start putting the garden to bed. This is where the regional to-do list will come in handy.

Read on to find out which November gardening tasks to complete for your area.

Southwest Garden in November

The southwest includes desert and mountainous regions, in addition to fluctuations in temperature and weather. This implies that there will be some regional variation in the gardening duties in the Southwest. However, a regional chore list can be compiled and used as a guide for garden preparation during the winter months and after spring.

November Regional To-Do List

Depending on your southwest region, November may be a good time to harvest. Crops grown in mid to late summer begin to bear fruit and need to be harvested and eaten or processed. If crops are still growing and yielding, protect them from frost.

Also, protect perennials from frost or move them to a protected location on a covered patio or deck. Reduce watering and continue weeding.

Disinfect and clean these empty outdoor containers with a bleach/water solution to kill any mold or bacteria. Clean and store garden tools while also keeping hoses in storage. Sharpen cutting blades and other sharp utensils at this time.

Remove all fruits scattered on the trees and the ground. Do a soil test to determine if there is anything you need to amend the soil with. November is the best time to water a southwestern lawn if needed.

Additional November Gardening Chores

Some plants such as mums and peonies should be cut back after the first frost, while others should be left alone for wildlife through the winter. Leave native plants and plants with seed pods for birds and other wildlife. Hang a suit filled with bird feeders. Invest in a solar powered birdbath so your feathered friends have a constant source of drinking water.

Other November gardening tasks include garden maintenance. Southwestern garden care in November will depend on what type of lawn you have. Warm-season grasses such as bluegrass, rye, and turf should be watered every week to ten days.

Use more nitrogen fertilizer to ensure your lawn stays green through the winter. Mow the grass in the warm season until it’s dormant and water at least twice a month even when it’s dormant. Cool-season grasses, such as Bermuda, go dormant but must be watered at least twice a month.

Handling November’s gardening tasks will ensure that the garden is primed and ready for next spring.

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